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Active projects

Hospital facility with surgery offering healthcare in an area of approximately 400,000 inhabitants.
In a situation of extreme poverty, the sick have no possibility of treatment and arrive at the hospital in extremely critical conditions even for solvable pathologies.

MADAGASCAR in Vohipeno in the south east
BENEFICIARIESthe users of the Henintsoa Hospital – the malnourished children of the Nutrimad project

Local PARTNER: the Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy – Convention
OTHER partners: Medici in Africa Onlus – A.V.S.F.M. Ong – Miulli for Madagascar                        

Anemon ACTIONS: Supply of equipment – Financial support for hospitalizations and operations for the poorest – Staff training – Missions of surgeons of different specialties

  • PARTICIPATEhelp HENINTSOA Hospital with targeted contributions

HOW TO HELP Contributions aimed at the project
start of project 2006 – ongoing project

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The hospital with over 400 beds employs local general and orthopedic surgeons who deal with the daily routine. Instead, it has an extreme need for some specialist branches including ENT. From this strongly felt need, the project was born to provide continuity of ENT missions that could meet the urgent needs of the population at least 2 to 4 times a year.

TANZANIA It is located in Ikonda, in the south, about a thousand km from the international airport of Dar Es Salaam, Makete district
BENEFICIARIES: the hospital catchment area. The 400 beds are always full and often exceeded. Patients come from all over Tanzania, from villages often hundreds of kilometers away and even from large cities far away such as Dar or Iringa.

Local PARTNER: The hospital is owned by the Consolata Missions                        

Anemon ACTIONS: Supply of ENT surgical equipment and instruments – Staff training – Missions of ENT volunteer surgeons

PARTICIPATEhelp the hospital with targeted contributions

HOW TO HELP: Contributions aimed at the purchase of specific ENT diagnostic and surgical instruments
start of project 2017 – ongoing project

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Maternity training and assistance to reduce birth and neonatal mortality, malnutrition and abandonment of children. The improvement of the conditions of family groups with children.
WHERE: MADAGASCAR – Ifatsy region isolated in the interior
Local PARTNER: Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy
GOAL TO REACHcultural growth while respecting the health of pregnant women and newborns. Awareness of parental responsibility for the healthy growth and education of their children

Anemon ACTIONSPeriodic health and nutritional checks during pregnancy and newborns Training for parents on hygiene, nutrition and child care for both parents Training for village midwives
HOW TO HELP: direct contributions to the project
WHEN: Started in 2010 – ongoing

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our commitment in your name Monica

In Africa, a serious problem is represented by counterfeit drugs that have no effect or cause poisoning. MAD2 is a laboratory set up by Anemon equipped with all the necessary equipment for the preparation of the medicines most used in hospital and outpatient activities Production of Nutripat protein pasta

WHERE: MADAGASCAR in Voipheno at the Henintsoa Hospital
PARTNER locale:
  Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy
PARTNERS project: A.P.P.A. Onlus of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Turin
GOAL TO REACH:  EFFECTIVE DRUGS, readily AVAILABLE as needed, REDUCTION in drug EXPENSES. TRAINING of a NEW PROFESSIONALISM for the local staff of the Henintso Hospital
BENEFICIARIESpatients of the Henintsoa Hospital – the malnourished children of the Nutrimad project

How to help: Contributions aimed at the project
WHEN: Started in 2008 – MAD 2  ongoing project

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Local PARTNER: Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy
PARTNERS project: A.p.p.a Onlus

GOAL TO REACH:  Reduction of malnutrition in the region
BENEFICIARIES: Malnourished children aged between 6 months and 5 years
Anemon ACTIONS: Supply of raw materials – support for local activities – monitoring of project data

How to help: contributions aimed at the project
WHEN: Project start 2018 – ongoing project

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Completed projects

Clinic offering healthcare to the inhabitants of 8 villages in the high mountains
Missions of doctors and specialists Sending medicines and outpatient equipment

WHERE: ALBANIA – Stare on the border with Montenegro

Local PARTNER: Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Susa

GOAL TO REACHspecialist assistance

WHEN: Started in 2006 – 2016 concluded

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Set up of a laboratory for galenic preparations

WHERE: MADAGASCAR – Ihosy at the Diocesan Dispensary

Padri Vincenziani di Chieri
PARTNERS project: A.p.p.a. Onlus

WHEN: Started in 2010 – project completed

WHERE: CAPO VERDE – Sant’Antao Island

Franciscan Friars

WHEN: 2007 -2008 – project completed

Prevention and treatment of parasitosis which is the cause of anemia and slowed growth in children

5,173 participants in 45 prevention meetings, 1,539 children treated.