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About us

Commitment and experience to donate time, professionalism and help
  • ANEMON operates INDEPENDENTLY without political or religious ties
  • It acts WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION of race, religion, sex or opinions
  • ANEMON operates WITHOUT FIXED COSTS to allocate all resources to projects

Anemon ODV

came to life thanks to the passion of a group of friends united by the desire to fill a debt towards life. We believe it is beautiful and right to be able to give and do something for other less fortunate people. Thanks to all those who support us, some through their personal commitment and some through a financial contribution.

Maurizio Catalani
  1. Non-profit association of social utility established with notarial deed dated: 10/24/2005
  2. Registration for RUNTS: DD31/A2202A/2023 of 07 July 2023 nr. rep. 113954

Anemon ODV is non-profit and pursues exclusively, with specific reference to living conditions and health, social solidarity purposes, through the carrying out, in Italy and abroad, of activities in the following sectors::

  • social care
  • social and healthcare assistance
  • health care
  • charity
  • training

c/o Vol.To via Giolitti 21 10123 Torino

President: Gabriella Guglielmo
Vice-president: Roberto Rocchietti
Secretary: Paolo Lorenzetti
Board of Directors: Maurizio Catalani, Riccardo Durando, Carla Givone, Pasqualina Mantica, Felice Polarolo

Catalani Maurizio, Durando Riccardo, Marchisio Franca, Saracco Claudio


Anemon ODV intervenes on different types of projects to aid associations or missions that already exist and are well rooted in their context.
Our interventions are in the technical, healthcare or financial aid fields.

Through preliminary verification work, we guarantee, without wasting resources, the seriousness of the objectives and we are witnesses of the projects that we follow until their total completion. Each project employs a manager supported by a technical or healthcare operational team depending on the type needed. Members, volunteers or simple supporters with different professional skills collaborate in the association and make their work, consultancy and logistical contributions available or simply collaborate with economic contributions.

ANEMON operates without fixed structure and management costs to allocate all financial aid to the projects.

  1. Albania: Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Susa Learn more
  2. Madagascar: Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy Learn more – Memory of Father Cento
  3. Burkina Faso: Sanhamou Handicap Association
  4. Torino: A.P.P.A. Onlus

Our association deals with decentralized cooperation and international aid and in these situations we use the offices of the indicated contact persons.


Burkina Faso scheda paese

Madagascar scheda paese




Anemon ODV was born from the experience gained since the 1990s by its founders and a group of volunteers who have operated in various African countries.

Our association has the central objective of being able to be a concrete help for small businesses lost in the world or lost in the difficulties of their mission. An interlocutor who, by activating aid resources, is able to find short or medium term solutions to their “needs”.

An independent association not linked to political parties or religious confessions that acts without discrimination based on race, religion, sex or opinions. We are aware that transparency, respect for man and traditions are fundamental. We operate in synergy with other entities to offer targeted and concrete responses.

Provide specialized assistance: medical, nursing, construction, technical in relation to water, health and growth needs.

Promote health education and professional growth through training.

Intervene with cash aid, goods and services in situations of marginalization and degradation, in situations of humanitarian crisis.

Disadvantaged people or community members through collaboration and support to other entities that pursue social solidarity goals.