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Completed projects - 30 wells completed

Construction of WELLS with manual pump to provide clean water to villages and agricultural training in a region where water is rare and muddy.

WHERE: BURKINA FASO – Fada N’ Gourma Region

WHEN: 2008 – 2018 made n. 26 wells – project suspended due to local difficulties.

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Construction of a well for the village from which most of the pupils of the school we support come fromChildren will thus be able to drink clean water both at school and at home while preserving their health.

WHERE: Kori Maoundé on the Dogon plateau

WITH WHO: village of Kori Maoundé
WHEN: 2012 constructed 1 well


Construction of 1 WELL for the HENINTSOA HOSPITAL (Voipheno) Construction of 1 WELL for the PREVENTORY (Ifatsy)


WHEN: Started in 2009 – concluded

In Madagascar there is no shortage of water, especially in the long rainy months. But untreated water, instead of being a resource, is a vehicle for infections, diseases and parasites. Malaria is one of the most widespread diseases. Having safe and treated water is the first essential step in managing the problem of hygiene and infections, especially in a hospital and in a community of children.

Well for Henintsoa hospital The well was built to supply drinking water to Henintsoa hospital. Hand dug for mt. 18 in the lower part of the land with a height difference of 50 m. made with an electric pump.

Well for the Preventorium of Ifatsy Excavated with difficulty and with special machinery due to the rocky soil. It serves the entire Preventorium community which hosts 60 children, the adjacent school 200 children, the canteen and the families who live in the area.

Construction of 1 WELL for Padre Isidoro’s Rosa Azul kindergarten for hygiene and fighting infections in a country where water is a vehicle for diseases.


WHEN: Started in 2008 – concluded